Safety and guarantees

Tempus Trans UAB has insured liability of its operations for the amount of EUR 600000. We are insured by a reliable and well-known insurance company Mannheimer Versicherung AG by the forwarder’s liability insurance.

Often, when choosing a logistics partner, clients do not pay attention to whether a partner has insured liability of its operations, and whether the available insurance is reliable. Logistics and freight forwarding operations involve significant risks, requires extensive knowledge and responsibility. Despite of all the efforts, damages may occur during transportation not only due to the carrier’s or forwarder’s fault. Insurance is a guarantee that in the event of damages, all loss will be compensated.

The civil liability insurance in itself is not a guarantee that all possibly occurring damages will be covered. The insurance company and the conditions under which a company’s civil liability is insured are very important.

We chose the forwarder’s civil liability insurance of Mannheimer Versicherung AG, a well-known insurance company in the word. We consciously chose this insurer after weighing a number of factors and thoroughly examining the conditions of the offered insurance. During the time of operation of the company, we are convinced that this company manages occasional damages in a responsible and smooth manner.

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